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A Mobile Solution for #TheUnderdog

Download presentation "A Mobile Solution for #TheUnderdog" or view it on Slideshare.

This year, I presented "A Mobile Solution for #TheUnderdog" at the 2013 eduWeb Conference in Boston, this past July 29, 2013.

This is the story of how a small college with a department of 4 and a zero-based budget, developed a mobile solution that is affordable and provides vital information to future and current students, faculty, and staff.

Shortly after going live last year with a brand new CMS, we became aware of the growing use of mobile devices to access our site and were introduced to new terms like Responsive Web Design, adaptive images, and mobile apps. It was obvious that we had to address these issues right away.

We knew there was no way we could redesign the newly launched Website with the current resources and budget constraints.  So, we had to embark on a new adventure that could help us solve this mobile accessibility issue with the resources and staff we currently had.

After much research, we went with open-source framework Kurogo.  We were able to extract information already on our CMS, use existing RSS feeds from our news and open-source calendar, and use the powerful Google Maps system, in addition to other features. This gave us the ability to provide important information on a solid and robust mobile platform that is accessible to all devices. All just with a minimal investment of a new server compared if we had to hire a professional company.

Download presentation "A Mobile Solution for #TheUnderdog" or view it on Slideshare.

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* NOTE: Pictured to the right, the real Underdog: my beloved dog, Luke. Luke is a rescued dog that came from a kill shelter in Alabama. When we adopted him at four months old, we were told that none of his brothers and sisters made it. He is now a healthy, beautiful, and happy 3 year-old dog and with a heart of gold. He wasn't to thrilled at the beginning wearing the Underdog custom, but couple bacon treats quickly changed his mind :)